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Players of a popular bookmaker may face restrictions on access to betting sites. Therefore, exact copies of official sites appeared, working on a single database. In the office Pin up mirror are regularly updated and work around the clock to bypass blocking. Therefore, you can always easily connect and place a bet.


The official website of Pinup is both an online casino and a bookmaker. Here you can play games and make sports bets completely without restrictions. But what to do when the usual portal suddenly becomes unavailable? There is a way out — bypassing the block will not be difficult. We will teach you how to deal with troubles from RKN (on the territory of Russia).

pinup casino mirror - pinup working - an important resource when blocking a site, access is free via the link
Pin Up Bet is a mirror site

Pin Up Casino (Pinup) mirror

Pin Up zerkalo has all the features of the official site. It is enough to connect to start placing bets.

What features does a mirror site provide? You can:

  • Select any available event and place a bet.
  • Receive and activate bonuses, promo codes and promotions.
  • Register an account and manage your profile.
  • Participate in tournaments and special events.
  • Contact the contacts of Russian and foreign support services.
  • Spin slots and roulette, cards and eSports.
  • Make deposits and withdraw winnings (all popular payment methods).
  • Pass account verification.
pin up casino zerkalo - pin up working mirror - play safely on a secure resource, access can be obtained for free on our website at the link
Game statistics on the BC mirror

The working mirrors of the bookmaker are always available to users. At the same time, all mirrors and the official website work on the same database, which is updated in real time. Therefore, you will always control your bets, receive other bonuses and withdraw any winnings. You don’t even have to re-register. It is enough to log in to your account using your registration data — the usual login and password. Pinup mirror keeps all user data and account settings intact.

You may ask why the main site you are used to may be blocked? Everything is very simple, the answer is on the surface: alas, this is the policy of some countries, they really want (many for unknown reasons) to ban legal gambling establishments, both in the traditional format and online. Unfortunately, we are forced to state a sad fact: Pin Casino also falls under these conditions, so the main page on the site where you played slots and machines may not be available.

Pin up mirror — Preasons for creating

It is curious that mirror sites are used not only to circumvent the prohibitions of state agencies (such as Roskomnadzor). There are a couple of other reasons why developers make copies of their portal. Here are some of them:

  • Multiple copies of the site (mirrors) reduce the load on the main website, especially when several thousand users access and play at the same time. In this case, the pages do not hang and open instantly — very convenient to use!
  • Thus, it is easier to track statistics and protect the personal data of your customers.
  • It is useful to have a kind of «Emergency Exit» in any case — suddenly you have to urgently carry out work on technical settings or repair page parameters.

Ways to bypass blocking

There are several simple methods for uninterrupted access to the game portal. Here are some of them:

  • Use the Tor browser, which provides the ability to hide your activities on the Internet.
  • Download a high-quality and reliable VPN for your computer, with its help you will virtually change your location (for example, it will not be Russia, but Azerbaijan or another country where online gambling is allowed).
  • Can mobile app Pinup download to your mobile device. The application has built-in mirrors, they are automatically activated in case of sudden blocking.

Each of these methods is legal and safe. You can use any of them to play casino games for free.

Mirrors, that is, site clones, alas, have one significant drawback. It consists in a copy of the resource being suddenly blocked as often and constantly as the main gambling portal. Nobody is protected from this.

Many players have a quite reasonable question: in fact, why is the bookmaker’s website dedicated to gambling being blocked? Alas, not all jurisdictions allow such legal portals. For example, in Russia, Azarbajcan and some other CIS countries this happens quite often. But now access to the BC Pin site will be stable and permanent. This was created primarily for the convenience of customers.

How to find a Pinup mirror

Getting an up-to-date link is easy. To do this, we offer several simple solutions at once.

  • Be sure to subscribe to news from the bookmaker. E-mails will always contain a working link to the mirror, as well as appeals from the administration of the office and new casinos, slots and bonuses.
  • Install apps. When launched, it will automatically receive a link to Pin Up Casino mirror and go through it. In just a few seconds, you can find a working site and place a bet on a match or event.
  • Check our site and add it to your browser Favorites. Here you can always find a link to the current mirror. Simply click on the «Go to the BC website» button. Link and access is updated automatically and remains always working on the Internet — this will save time on independent searches.

Probably the safest and 100% guaranteed way to find a relevant link. — go to the official Telegram channel of BC.

You should also be aware that a company may have more than one pin up mirror, you can find many of them at once. For example, if you see a link to Pin Up 100 or 738, 856, then these are probably just different variations of mirror sites. Despite the fact that the bookmaker and the casino operate legally in our country, blocking can happen suddenly. Also, the use of multiple copies of the site allows you to reduce traffic and load on it. Imagine, several hundred thousand people play at the casino at once. From this, the site can “hang”, and its pages take a long time to load. This will not happen if this same load is distributed over several seemingly different, but still identical sites.

It is important to understand that you can find a mirror through search engines such as Yandex or Google (or another that you trust). But there are a few subtleties here. Be sure to check the link you are going to. The fact is that there is a chance to run into a site of scammers who have the goal of taking your money by illegal methods. Fraudulent copies of sites are very dangerous, because recognizing them is quite difficult. They are skillfully made and very similar to the original. You must trust only trusted sources that publish real data and safe links (including those in the mobile version).

How to distinguish a fake working mirror

There are two main criteria that you should pay attention to first of all:

  • The real pin site is mobile friendly (check your phone’s browser before you sign up or make your deposit).
  • The option you found should have an online player support chat. If it is not there, there is a high probability that you went to a fake site.

We care about your safety and publish a real link to the pinup casino mirror. Bet and play slots safely!

An active website address is a pledge and guarantee of a safe, stable, high-quality and successful game. Any of the methods listed above in this overview to bypass the block are 100 percent legal and do not violate the laws of your jurisdiction. The player does not risk anything when using mirrored resources. Creating several such sites is also not a crime, since they do not contain anything illegal. For this reason, you have nothing to worry about. It is better to play for real money in a casino (it operates under a license) after registration.

New links and betting addresses on the bookmaker’s website to download applications (programs and reviews) or a casino on your mobile Android and IOS are published regularly — you are guaranteed not to miss them.


FROM Bookmaker Pin Up Bet bookmakers and sports betting are available to you anytime and anywhere. You will be able to evaluate any upcoming event and make a winning bet in time. Victories are waiting for you — start right now by registering on the official website!