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Game Review

Aviatrix is the name of a crash game that introduces us to a new generation of gambling. This is not a classic slot machine, but a completely different game, which, however, always implies the need to place a bet, trying to guess how the gameplay will develop. The new game is an exciting and innovative example of what the industry calls «crash».

When you read this review, you will realize that this is a product very similar to Spribe’s Aviator. However, this time the creator of Aviatrix is a software provider named after the game — Aviatrix bet. 

Aviatrix is a rich feature set, a mechanic that takes gamification, multiplayer and loyalty to the next level.

aviatrix at pin up casino

Players can expect an RTP of 97% which is really good for a game like this. The biggest payout players can win on a single spin is 10,000 times your stake. 

Carefully review all aspects of a slot before you start playing for real money. Win online game pin up for real money today. A lot of new discoveries are waiting for you: read on!

Game launch2022
Type ofcrash game
PeculiaritiesAssembly mode, NFT
Auto modeThere is
Main competitorAviator by Spribe

Description of the game Aviatrix

First, it would be appropriate to give a slightly more precise definition of what a crash game is. Recently, online casinos have introduced simulators, which are essentially small, fast-paced video games where the skill of the player also partly plays a role. Therefore, not only chance determines the outcome of the game, but also how the gambler controls the process. 

The term «crash» comes from the fact that something usually breaks or explodes, like in this case an airplane. The goal of the game is to collect the highest possible prize before the explosion occurs. Thus, each gaming session ends in a matter of seconds.

The theme of this game is the wonderful world of aviation and the various aircraft that you can see in the sky. The plane you start the game with is a red and yellow adorable little biplane. As the aircraft gains altitude and flies further into the sky, the background changes to give the impression of the distance traveled and the passage of the ground.

The game screen has little in common with the usual slot machine: there are no reels or paylines, but only a plane that takes off and rises higher and higher until it shatters into pieces! All you have to do to save the plane is place a bet and then collect your winnings at a certain point. So the fine line is not to do it too early, but also not to wait too long or you will lose everything!


By the way, the game itself is also radically different, as it is a much more pronounced projection into the virtual world. Graphics adopted much more realistic than in Aviator. First of all, the player can decide to customize the game by purchasing NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

An NFT, also known as a unique symbol, is a type of cryptographic symbol whose copy is unique and cannot be changed or replaced by another similar symbol, although the symbols are usually interchangeable.

The NFTs in this game are planes that you can customize in Build Mode using the points you earn from playing.

Upgrade Your Plane: Build Mode

Since we are not talking about a simple slot, there are no symbols in Aviatrix, but there is one feature and that is the possibility that players can customize their own aircraft. This is perhaps the main novelty of the game — according to many, it is the future of gambling. When you play for real money, you can buy features that can make your plane look completely different.

assembly mode

You can change its shape, change the color, add other details, in a word, treat yourself to the fullest. To do this, simply click on the «Build» button that you see in the top left corner. Or you can use the menu in the top right corner. From the menu you can access the market, look at the leaderboard to see the best scores that have been achieved.

The Provably Fair section is very interesting, which allows the player to independently verify that the tokens generated by the game are unique. This means that Aviatrix uses anti-deception technology that makes each session stand alone and the results are completely random. The only «trick» to winning in this game is to be cool and be able to withdraw your bet at the most opportune moment.

How to play Aviatrix

Let’s take a closer look at this point in order to understand how the game works in Aviatrix. In the center is a screen showing an aircraft on the runway. Directly below it are two buttons labeled «Place a bet». With their help, you decide how much to bet: 1, 2, 5 and 10. If you wish, you can place two bets at the same time. 

As the plane takes off, you will see your bet increase according to the increasing multiplier. The «Place Bet» button turns green and translates to «Cash Out». By clicking on it, you cash out the amount indicated at the moment. If the plane explodes before you press the button, you lose. 

If you wish, you can also set a bet on a certain number of games, deciding which win to cash out or which loss you want the game to stop anyway. Just move the auto slider to the «ON» position and then set these settings. For those who play for real money, there is also the opportunity to compete with other players, earning points for every euro wagered.

Characteristics of the game Aviatrix

Each NFT aircraft earns 1 experience point for €1.00 (€1, $ 0.99). For other currencies, we use current exchange rates.

Example: after 10 bets worth €0.10 (€0.1, $ 0.10) you get 1 point.

At Aviatrix you can win 10X of your stake, which is a good chance of winning in a game with this level of volatility and a very good RTP. In addition, Aviatrix is very easy to play and you don’t need any special features to win, you just need a little luck and a willingness to take risks to get a good win.

NFT Aircraft Owner Rewards

In order to participate in the Daily Tournament, the player must meet the following conditions:

  1. You have placed at least one NFT bet on a plane.
  2. You have already received the prize.

Prize distribution takes place every 24 hours at 19:00 GMT and is based on a daily tournament system.

awards for nft aircraft owners

1 round

Only 25% qualified NFT aircraft win the daily tournament. The chance to be among the 25% winners depends on the number of NFT bets made by the player in the last 24 hours. The higher the amount, the more chances of winning.

Every 24 hours, the minimum turnover of the aircraft is equal to one chance. The chances of all other participating aircraft are proportional to this minimum.

AirplaneTurnover, €Chances

Since there are only four aircraft in our example, there will be only one winner (25 % of all aircraft entries during the day are in stage 2). In the example above, aircraft #4 is 16 times more likely to enter phase 2 than aircraft #1.

The aircraft is allowed to participate in the tournament only once a day. A player can participate in the draw with any number of their NFT aircraft.

2 round

If a user wins a daily tournament, the total amount depends on their overall gaming experience. The more experience a player has, the higher his reward.

Let’s say there are three winners in a tournament and the prize fund is 1,000 EUR. Rewards will be distributed in proportion to the experience of each participant.

AirplaneAn experienceShare of experience, %Reward, €
214000 28280
Total50 0001001000

Provably fair

Remember that 100%’s fairness and lack of manipulation in the game Aviatrix is achieved through the use of Provably FAIR technology. Each player has the opportunity to check and confirm the correctness of the game by checking the hash code in any online calculator.

About the creators of the game

Currently Aviatrix.bet is an IT company developing products based on artificial intelligence for the iGaming industry. The company was established in 2017. Occupies the niche of blockchain and development.

The latest NFT game of the same name from Aviatrix is an adjustable biplane with two flight betting options. There is a demo option as a trial version for players. You can play for money and design an airplane only after registration in pinup.

vladislav artemiev, aviatrix CEO

In just one year, our development team has created this wonderful game, with many options and advantages, that will delight fans of traditional online casino games.

Vladislav Artemyev, CEO of Aviatrix

Aviatrix at Pin Up Casino

In Pin Up you can play for real money. Remember that this online platform is a guarantee of the safety and reliability of your gaming process. The institution is licensed and is under the supervision of regulatory authorities. You will also receive bonus for registration. Pin-up is already very popular among players. Do not miss the opportunity to create an account on the official website.


There is no doubt that Aviatrix is worth a try: you can find a link to Pin Up with a demo on this page. Before you is really a very original game, which opens up new directions for the development of online gambling. Thus, Aviatrix is a very simple and straightforward online slot that you can play in your spare time. 

Frequently asked questions about Aviatrix

What is Aviatrix?

Aviatrix is the name of the latest generation crash game.

What is a crash game?

Crash games are fast and easy to play games that allow you to win instantly.

Which studio developed Aviatrix?

This game was created by the game studio Aviatrix bet.

How to play Aviatrix?

You must bet before the plane takes off; the rate increases as the plane rises. The player must cash out before the plane explodes.

Is there a free spins round?

No, however, there is a build mode for planes, and NFT trade objects will be added soon.

What is the range of bets in the game?

The range of bets in this game is from 1 to 10 €/£/$.

What is the return to player percentage in this slot?

The RTP for Aviatrix is 97%.

What is the volatility for Aviatrix?

The volatility for this game is in the middle range.

Is there an automatic mode?

Yes, you can set an autobet to have it repeat for a certain number of games.

Where can I play Aviatrix?

You can find this crash game at the best Pin Up online casino.